Molly Meyer

Elementary School Theology of the Body author

Caring for the land was Molly’s first calling. Raised as a hard-working farmer’s daughter in a small central Illinois town, tending to the growth of God’s creation was the only life she knew. After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Agriculture (of course) from the University of Illinois, she went on to teach both grade school and high school.

It was in the classroom that Molly discovered something more about God’s creation — that teaching requires more fully understanding the nature and desire of the human person. This lead her to pursue a Masters in Theological studies at the John Paul II institute in Washington, DC.

After graduating, she taught Theology of the Body to high school students for several years in both Virginia and Illinois. Her teaching will reach even more lives as the author of ROOTED: Theology of the Body K-12 Curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grades. Inspired greatly by the hands-on, deeply engaging methods of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Molly is bringing awe and wonder to life in her materials for both students and teachers alike.

“As part of my Catechesis of the Good Shepherd experience, I had the opportunity to visit an Atrium where a three-year old boy asked me to light the candles for him at the Model Altar (a child-sized replica of the altar he would experience in church). I asked him if he would like to lead a prayer.

After the candles were lit, the little boy began a very heart-felt and well-sung repeat of “I love you God” in his own little tune. I was so humbled by his vulnerability as he placed himself before God. In complete childlikeness he was confident in his song and delighted in making this simple offering.

It was such a privilege to witness this intimate relationship between a young child and the Father. As I write the K-5 curriculum, I often reflect on what it means that the Father continually invites even the youngest of children into relationship with him. How can we continue to foster that relationship in a bodily way? How can we give children in the classroom a chance to really pray and offer their song to God?”

Tending to the growth of God’s creation has become for her planting seeds of inspiration, life and love for little ones in this curriculum – all soundly rooted in Theology of the Body.


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