The Power of the Radio

I can remember my sister talking to our neighbor about a family member who is far from the Church. “This relative is hungry for the Truth, but if only we had a way for her to hear it”, my sister said. As the two continued this short dialogue, I can still recall our neighbor’s response which struck me as so compassionate, yet filled with such deep faith, “You should pray to (your family member’s) guardian angel. You never know what the angels have up their sleeve. Often times it just takes the right thing to happen at the right time, and we should leave it up to our guardian angels to orchestrate it. For example, maybe she’ll be in the car one day, flipping through radio stations, and she’ll come across a Catholic radio show at the opportune moment, at just the right time, when they’re talking about something that intrigues her — so she continues to listen… that could be the beginning of something very beautiful.”

Riding the Radio Waves

I share this story  because it inspired me to seek out an opportunity to present Theology of the Body (TOB) teachings with Sacred Heart Radio on Driving Home the Faith, a new evening local program added to the line-up just last fall. As the TOB Program Coordinator at Ruah Woods my personal mission has been to share the essence of TOB with as many people as I can, especially within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Sacred Heart Radio has provided the means via its radio waves to spread this message throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area. Thus far, we have aired two interviews. The first was a brief introduction to TOB (3/25/19) starting at 35:30. The second occasion was focused on expounding upon how the body is actually considered to be “theological” (4/29/19). If you have not had a chance already, I would like to invite you to check out these two previous interviews by visiting Sacred Heart Radio.  In the future, feel free to tune in on the last Monday of each month at 4:35pm for a continuation of this series!

This Message is for You

My hope is that this monthly guest spot will allow more people to be exposed to the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II. Most have not even heard of TOB, or if they have there are often misconceptions of what it is truly about! Consequently, to learn more, not everyone has the time to read the unabridged book by John Paul II, Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body, or to attend a class. Therefore, it is my intention to bring this beautiful message to them, in a concise but accurate way. This message is what our culture needs now more than ever. This message is an answer to a prayer in a wounded world. If you are a human person with a body, this message applies to YOU!


Written by, John David Kimes, TOB Program Coordinator