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ROOTED: Theology of the Body K-12 Curriculum


The world’s first Theology of the Body (TOB) K-12 Curriculum.
Is this a timely answer to an urgent prayer in your school, parish or community?

Is it important for children to understand what it means to be an unrepeatable human person made male and female in God’s image?


Register for Ruah Woods Press’ live webinar with Laura Strietmann and DJ Hueneman
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  • Why it’s important to bring TOB to life for our youth?
  • What is our unique approach?
  • How can these lessons fit into your current curriculum?
  • Preview our materials, methods and learn what to expect.
  • 15-minute Q & A follows our 30-minute presentation.
    (This is NOT a pressured sales pitch, but an educational and enlightening overview).


Just one advocate could be the impetus necessary to establish beautiful TOB teachings into your community’s classrooms. Imagine the harvest, when young minds and hearts are invited to discover the truth and beauty of their given identity within God’s plan and purpose “ROOTED” in authentic love and relationships. Are you the one?


The human being is single, unique and unrepeatable, someone thought of and chosen from eternity, someone called and identified by name.” — Pope St. John Paul II

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