How fun it’s been to read through feedback from our TOB Pilot Program’s 6th through 8th Grade students! Just as Our Lady of Good Help instructed, to teach the children in the faith, that is exactly what Ruah Woods Press has set out to do with the first comprehensive K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum: ROOTED.


So how do we know this mission is being accomplished? Take a look at some of our favorite responses from the 12 to 14 year-olds who experienced just 2 teaching units per grade (the completed curriculum will have 6 teaching units per grade level). Each student received their own Commonplace Book – a journal of sorts for assignments, activities, reflections & illustrations; a place of their own to explore some of their deepest thoughts on the lessons, make relevant connections & discover truths about themselves.


Q: Did you learn something new in your TOB classes? What stands out?


  • “From the first time you make love with somebody, you are making a vow to God saying you are ready to be a parent.”
  • “I learned some new things like that God made everyone different and unique and I learned about how powerful His love is, which were things that stood out to me. That you are not forced to do anything, but God suggests it so that you can become happy.”
  • “Our body is a visible manifestation of our soul.”
  • “We are all gifts from God.”
  • “Yes, that God has a special plan for each of us.”
  • “Yes, I learned that God will love us, even if we don’t do what he wants us to do.”
  • “I learned that staying a virgin until marriage will make our marriage more truthful.”


Q: Will you keep your Common Place Book?


  • “Yes, because it helped me a lot, and I can always go back & look through it again if I feel like I need any guidance from it at all.”
  • “Yes. I think it has helped me become a better Catholic.”
  • “Yes. I’ll keep it because I keep some of my deepest thoughts in there.”
  • “Yes because it has good morals to reflect on.”
  • “Yes, because I think it will help me with my journey through life.”
  • “Yes, if I need to be taught how to trust in God again.”
  • “Yes, I learned many new things. I learned about vocations, calls, virginity.”
  • “Yes, because I love God and I want to learn more about Theology of the Body.”


Loving these takeaways during some significantly formative years!

 Written by Evie Estes, TOB Curriculum Support