In the summer of 2019 the sea of cultural confusion continued to storm ahead. But there’s hope, there’s a life line!  Catholic educators, families and church leaders received from The Congregation for Catholic Education the document Male and Female He Created Them as a guide, a “compass” in dealing with the culture’s continued crashing waves pounding  the dignity of the human person.

Emily Macke

In the National Catholic Register, Emily Macke, author of Ruah Woods Press high school curriculum Called to be More, has offered an excellent reflection on this document in ‘Male and Female He Created Them’ is Ancient Wisdom for Teachers of the Next Generation. While the document shares a plan of listening, reasoning and proposing, Emily shares how ROOTED and teaching Christian Anthropology through the lens of Theology of the Body is necessary to all three parts of this plan.

What the document does best is to remind us of what is at root. We do not understand our true nature – Christian anthropology – and therefore we think we can make ourselves.”

Headlines in local and national news accounts promoted athletes winning championships while competing as their non-biological gender. Horrific library story times, birth certificates and driver’s licenses with “non-binary” options, parades attacking traditional families all made the news. How are our young people supposed to understand this? How are educators supposed to answer the questions of confusion that will arise from our students and children?

Our prayers are with you all as you navigate these treacherous times. And of course our curriculum, teacher training, Catholic counseling and friendships with all our fellow “navigators” are here to “throw a line” to anyone needing a stable place to “dock” and form answers in truth and love. There is hope, there is one true “anchor” in this stormy sea, His name is Jesus! Let us only find safety and stability in Him!

Written by Laura Strietmann, Curriculum Consultant