REVEALED Grade 2 TOB – (ROOTED’s 2nd Edition) Standards


ROOTED’s NEW 2nd Edition is called REVEALED. Literature-based materials to introduce Theology of the Body and Christian Family Life to Second Graders. Set includes The Quiltmaker’s Gift, Saint George and the Dragon, and one Teacher’s Guide for REVEALED: Standards Edition of K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum.

The elementary school material is literature-based, using richly illustrated stories to engage students in exploring the foundational concepts of Theology of the Body – what it means to be human — male or female, how to live as a gift to others, what it means to have heaven as our ultimate destiny. We offer a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide to give the educator scripted  engaging dialogue and clear directions for many hands on activities to embody this discovery for young learners. One second grade boy learning TOB for the first time offered this unsolicited note to his teacher: “The books you read, the words you say, change me.” God is so good.

This Second Grade curriculum kit includes one spiral bound Teacher’s Guide plus two works of classic literature: The Quiltmaker’s Gift, and Saint George and the Dragon. Nine consistently structured, beautiful TOB lessons are bursting with the truth, beauty and goodness found in God’s intelligent design. Your Theology of the Body and Christian Family Life themes include: Gift-of-Self; Original Unity; The Body Reveals the Person; Marriage is a Gift of God; Dignity of the Human Person; My Family is a Gift from God; The Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.  These stories…these hands on lessons… have staying power for laying the foundations of one’s true identity and dignity as the beloved pinnacle of creation, the human person.

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