TOB Grade 6


The goal in our ROOTED: TOB Middle School series is to present these units in a way consonant with the thought and approach of John Paul II. The themes of his Theology of the Body will not only appear in the content but also the form or way in which it is taught. Pre-Order your books now for delivery in October 2019. Purchase a (non-consumable) Teacher’s Guide for each educator and one (consumable) Common Place Book per student. Part of the ROOTED: Theology of the Body K-12 Curriculum.

For Sixth Grade, we explore the theme of Identity & Gift. This beautiful, supplemental curriculum takes your students on an exploration of this topic in 6 units that can be taught 3 units per semester.

GRADE 6   Identity & Gift
• Creation is a Gift
• The Image of God
• The Body Reveals Man
• Original Solitude
• Original Unity
• Original Nakedness

Through encountering scripture, quotes from Man and Woman He Created Them, rich discussion led by thoughtful questions in Buzz Groups, Experience activities, and Beyond the Classroom challenges, educators will help young students better understand their own dignity and open the door to appreciate a new relationship with God and with each other. In keeping with John Paul II’s understanding of the body, the material is presented in creative, embodied, and interactive ways, to assist the student in receiving this awe-inspired message of their identity as sons and daughters of God.





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