As we wrap up the Pilot Study of our Grades 6 through 8 materials, the time has come to start taking Pre-Orders for the completed edition of our Junior High curriculum! This marks the final segment to complete our full ROOTED: K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum, to be available for the 2019/20 school-year.

Noteworthy is the fact that our pilot grades 6 through 8 only contained two themed units, whereas the completed resources are expanded to six themed units per grade. Furthermore, the final individual student Commonplace Books are a durable quality with a lay-flat binding, beautifully designed for a real keepsake and touchstone for years to come.

Grade 6 Identity & Gift includes:

  • Creation as Radical Gift
  • The Image of God
  • The Body Reveals Man
  • Original Solitude
  • Original Unity
  • Original Nakedness


Grade 7 Freedom & Virtue includes:

  • Man of Concupiscence
  • Redeemed and Called To Greatness
  • Law & Love
  • Life According to the Spirit
  • The Heroism of Love: Suffering & Gift
  • The Spousal Meaning of the Body

Grade 8 Vocation & Communion includes:

  • Vocation & Gift
  • Called to Love: Virginity for the Sake of the Kingdom
  • Called to Love: Sacrament of Marriage
  • Paul on Flesh & Spirit
  • Logic of Domination vs. Logic of Gift
  • Final Victory Over Death: Resurrection of the Body


Pre-Order your non-consumable Teacher’s Guide for Grades 6, 7 and/or 8 for $25

Plus the Grade 6, 7 and/or 8 Commonplace Book, one per student per year for $10

We will be shipping these as they come off the presses, with the Grade 8 scheduled for shipping in October 2019 .