So often in today’s culture, we encounter individuals and ideologies which are confused about the nature of the person and which are at odds with the teaching of the Church about who we are and who we are made to be. As parents, we sometimes cringe thinking about the challenges our children will face in navigating such a wounded world. St. John Paul II experienced this “cringe” as well and knew that it was essential to lay out an “adequate anthropology” which would make it easier to answer the challenges of the modern world. Thus, Theology of the Body was born. Ruah Woods has done an enormous service for the Church in making accessible to our students this crucial teaching on the human person. In presenting a model which naturally integrates into existing curricula, teachers and schools are spared the difficult task of where to fit a whole independent course and because the “method is the message” has shown that John Paul’s important work touches on all areas of the Church’s life and ministry. We will be reaping the benefits of imparting this message to our high school students for decades.