Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse has written a very clear-headed and helpful article about the recent Vatican instruction on gender ideology “Male and Female He Created Them”.  She highlights that while people of various schools of thought may take issue with one or another aspect of the document, there is much good here that dioceses, parishes, and schools need to embrace and build upon.

Especially important is her point that this document gives all in ministry an opportunity to reexamine what constitutes authentically Catholic education when it comes to the question of gender and insist that the time is now to embrace St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, e.g., as presented in Ruah Woods’ K-12 ROOTED curriculum.

Thank you Dr. Morse! Read Dr. Morse’ article in the National Catholic Register here.

By Dr. Andrew Sodergren, M.T.S., PSY.D. Clinical Psychologist at Ruah Woods Psychological Services