Learn to Teach ROOTED: Theology of the Body Curriculum for Grades K-2, 3-5 or Grade 6/Junior High!

We are excited to offer LIVE ONLINE course, Receiving the Gift


inviting all parents, grandparents, catechists, & teachers to gain confidence in teaching ROOTED from Kindergarten through Grade 6.
(You must already own ROOTED curriculum or purchase the corresponding grade level when you reserve your course seat).

Unique & unrepeatable formation for any ROOTED Theology of the Body Curriculum educator beginning this January 2021!

Our Receiving the Gift online sessions with DJ Hueneman walk you through the themes, lessons, & activities of the NEW K-5 Unit Lesson Plans, a great entry point into the full curriculum. Unit Lesson Plans are now included in all ROOTED K-5 curriculum kit purchases . Additionally, we gratefully collaborate with Katrina Zeno to teach Grade 6/Junior High educator formation for you!


The K-2 is just $49 per seat, you’ll receive five 60-minute live, online sessions expertly presented by Ruah Woods Press. One 5-session coaching course is specifically for teaching ROOTED Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2.
Session 1    TUES  JAN 12    4-5p est
Session 2   TUES  JAN 19    4-5p est
Session 3   TUES  JAN 26    4-5p est
Session 4   TUES  FEB 02    4-5p est
Session 5   TUES  FEB 09    4-5p est


Testimonial for Fall ’20 K-2 Online Formation with DJ Hueneman:
“Many students in our circle of influence are struggling with identity — who they are — what is their purpose. If we can start with this language early with these kids — how much angst and heartache can we save them? It will also bring us as teachers back to the core of who we are… If you have ever felt any kind of ache or longing in your heart — this will help you to internalize God’s ultimate plan for you to be with him…” 


The 3-5 is just $49 per seat, you’ll receive five 60-minute live, online sessions expertly presented by Ruah Woods Press. One 5-session coaching course is specifically for teaching ROOTED Grade 3, Grade 4 or Grade 5.
Session 1    WEDS   JAN 13    4-5p est
Session 2    WEDS   JAN 20   4-5p est
Session 3    WEDS   JAN 27   4-5p est
Session 4    WEDS   FEB 03   4-5p est
Session 5    WEDS   FEB 10   4-5p est


Testimonial for Fall ’20 3-5 Online Formation with DJ Hueneman:
“The curriculum for encouraging students to understand that they are a wonderful gift and should treat themselves as such is a breath of fresh air in this harsh world of self-ridicule and body shaming.


GRADE 6/JUNIOR HIGH: Receiving the Gift LIVE Online Educator Formation with Katrina Zeno for 2021 also begins in January!

Katrina Zeno, MTS


Register NOW!
Six Wednesdays, January 20 through February 24, 2021 from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM EST. If you can’t make the live sessions, sign-up to have access to the recordings.
You CAN do this!
This is our time to build the Kingdom of God & change the world by learning, teaching & sharing Theology of the Body starting NOW.


Grade 6 Receiving the Gift is just $75 per seat, you’ll receive six 90-minute live, online sessions presented from the heart by Katrina Zeno. This lays the foundation for understanding the approach to the entire Middle School curriculum and goes into the specifics of teaching Grade 6 lessons.


Testimonial for Fall ’20 Grade 6/Junior High Online Formation with Katrina Zeno:
“Thank you for such a beautiful and enriching training. So many graces. I feel like I received a huge gift that I am just beginning to unwrap. I am very grateful for the knowledge, wisdom and practical examples/tips to help me grow as I learn to hand on to my students and share with others what I have received.”


Session 1    WEDS   JAN 20    6-7:30 pm est
Session 2    WEDS   JAN 27   6-7:30 pm est
Session 3    WEDS   FEB 03   6-7:30 pm est
Session 4    WEDS   FEB 10   6-7:30 pm est*
Session 5    WEDS   FEB 17   6-7:30 pm est
Session 6    WEDS   FEB 24   6-7:30 pm est*

*In addition, we will be featuring two optional (one-hour) Q&A sessions on/after Feb 10 and Feb 24 for you to get specific insights and answers in sharing truth from a Theology of the Body perspective to your Middle Schoolers.

“It’s a gamechanger for someone to be deeply convinced of their personal self-worth, dignity and purpose, Knowing themselves to be infinitely and unconditionally loved by God and called to live in a communion of persons in his image. This self-knowledge includes respecting and revering oneself, others and above all God. It affects the choices made by young people about how they will treat others and expect others to treat them… It’s a unique, theological approach to Christian anthropology that lays out the pathway to a happy, deeply fulfilled life.” —From Standards for Christian Anthropology 2020


YOU are a unique & unrepeatable GIFT now & for all eternity!  Do not hesitate to contact us to join in our Godly mission.