Teaching Theology of the Body to our youngest people provides an opportunity to add graceful dimension to your ability to reach children. The truth and beauty offered in this vision of Pope St. John Paul II is universal and discoverable — to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. This teaching is to be set apart — more of a retreat than a class. As an invitation into the mystery, we invite you to make this Theology of the Body time special. Quiet. Reflective. Imaginative. You have Great News to share with your young ones about themselves and about God. Set the tone in the room to inspire awe. Change the lighting — or change the room!

We encourage educators to not give answers but to awaken a sense of awe — to let children discover the gifts all around them. When they do, you’ll see the lights go on in their minds. When children realize these truths on their own, the beautiful perspectives and search for meaning become a part of who they are and how they are called to respond. You’ll be able to read it in their faces, in their body language and in their relationships with others. We are each created by love for love. It sets them on a path — a beautiful journey of unfolding mystery for a lifetime. Enjoy walking this part of the journey by their side!

This video featuring Tina Ramundo and curriculum author Molly Meyer is offered for those who have purchased the ROOTED: K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum to help you experience a way to present this teaching. The video was created for Grade 3. However, you’ll find helpful insights and experience a beautiful way to set the stage and approach this teaching with your Fourth Graders — and with God’s grace, inspire a hunger to always go deeper. God bless you. Enjoy your journey!

Want more of that hauntingly beautiful theme music? It was provided courtesy of Eric Genuis, please support him in his amazing life-giving mission.



(Grade 4 video not yet available)

If you have purchased  any ROOTED curriculum and have not received a video password email Evie with PASSWORD in the subject line.



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