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We’re Glad You Were With Us.

Thank you for attending our webinar on the newly released Standards for Christian Anthropology based on St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teachings.


We hope these along with the ROOTED: K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum will inspire every Catholic school and parish to become a “TOB Campus:” A community of persons where everybody is seen as a gift.



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Webinar Gift

As a Thank You for attending our Webinar, we would like to send you a gift (U.S. addresses only due to high international shipping rates)! You may choose one "On A Mission to Love: Rosary Meditations for Children and Families" Book in English or in Spanish. (It is our desire for every Catholic classroom to pray the rosary—with TOB reflections—as part of being a "TOB Campus"). We look forward to serving you soon.

As you discern incorporating Theology of the Body (Christian Anthropology) curriculum into your parish/school or throughout your entire diocese consider…


Are these standards meant to fill a gap in Catholic education that exists today?

In recent years there’s been a surge in the ever-widening gap between the mainstream take on the identity of the human person versus a Christian vision rooted in Sacred Scripture. Teachers and administrators across the nation are finding themselves unprepared for the maelstrom of demands and challenges pressing upon them from students, peers, parents and society at large to accommodate their standards to what in fact would be harmful to the true good of their students. This collaboration between Ruah Woods Press and The Cardinal Newman Society is a missing formative integrant in current Catholic education.


As Catholic educators plan their curriculum for the next academic year and beyond, why should they consider incorporating these standards?

When incorporating these standards beginning in Kindergarten, educators and parents can lay the foundation of concepts and vocabulary that situate mankind within the rich meaning of an authentic Christian humanity. We have already witnessed how the lives of children and young people are transformed through the assimilation of these teachings. They become convinced of their own self-worth and that of others. Their actions begin to show this. They’re kinder and more thoughtful. Aware of what freedom really means, they become more responsible and focused on achieving what truly brings happiness. It’s heartening to think of the good that can come through the diffusion of these standards.


Just one advocate in your area could be the impetus necessary to establish beautiful TOB teachings into your community’s classrooms. Imagine the harvest, when young minds and hearts are invited to discover the truth and beauty of their given identity within God’s plan and purpose “ROOTED” in authentic love and relationships. Are you the one?


The human being is single, unique and unrepeatable, someone thought of and chosen from eternity, someone called and identified by name.” — Pope St. John Paul II