ROOTED: Theology of the Body
K-12 Curriculum

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Finally, religion curriculum for our time.

What is Theology of the Body?
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Why teach TOB in schools?

Age appropriate levels of curriculum

Written by passionate teachers for passionate teachers. We are developing a comprehensive curriculum that builds from PreK to Senior year. The Theology of the Body course material is designed to weave easily into your current Catholic religion curriculum at any level and immerse students in the core truths of our faith – all authentically rooted in the thought of Pope St. John Paul II. The lessons help teachers to communicate the foundations of our faith in the same positive and uplifting manner used by John Paul II in his Theology of the Body.

High School


Called to be More courses explore the roots and reasons for vocation, a covenantal relationship with our Creator and Redeemer, the nature of love and many other pertinent topics to all human persons, through the lens of Theology of the Body. Featuring inspiring peer videos. Discussion. Prayer. And truth powerfully made real.

K - 2nd grade


Our curriculum opens with the concept of original man within creation. Titled, "In the Beginning" children are introduced to the goodness, truth and beauty found in creation. Currently in pilot testing with release scheduled for the 2017-18 school year.

3rd - 5th grades


Digging deeper into Theology of the Body "The Human Heart" series explores the human desire for God and purity as a path to freedom. This series is currently being piloted and is scheduled for wide release for the 2018-19 school year.

6th - 8th grades


Courses within "The Resurrection" series will help middle school children discover how man and creation are made new by Christ. Focusing on our identity as sons and daughters of the new covenant and inspiring a love that gives itself through a vocational path.

What is it that constitutes the beauty and greatness of the human person? “What makes a human being great is the stamp of God which each of us bears.”

– Pope St. John Paul II

You can do this. (We made sure of it.)

By creating a program that is simple and straightforward, not too “heady” (which, we admit, advanced study of Theology of the Body can be) and not expensive – we make this easy and rewarding to teach. You don’t have to be a Theology of the Body expert to use our program. (But we do offer Teacher Training to enable you to give even more.)
  • Simple and straightforward
  • No prior TOB expertise required
  • Modular to fit your teaching style
  • Deeper teaching training also available.

Through a blend of testimonies, stories of saints, movie clips, and more, this curriculum helps the youth discover their vocation to love, following after Christ’s own example. If we want to build a culture of vocations, it starts here!”

Dawn HausmannDirector of Consecrated Vocations for the Diocese of Lansing

This is supplemental material to be used within the context of your current religion curriculum. Our purpose is to disseminate this beautiful teaching as widely as possible – and to continue to develop more resources for you. If cost is the only obstacle for your school, call us.


Incorporating "Called to be More" TOB Curriculum in Every Semester

In early 2012 I was in the midst of researching how dioceses across the country encourage and implement Theology of the Body within high school classrooms.  One particular conversation I had with a superintendent sparked the idea for Called to be More. The superintendent noted that this particular diocese used…


ROOTED: K-2 Theology of the Body Curriculum Releasing this September.

Our long awaited elementary school Theology of the Body curriculum entitled ROOTED will begin to be available for your classroom starting in September. The first phase of the curriculum entitled In The Beginning features two units per grade from Kindergarten through Second Grade. Each unit represents 1-3 weeks of teaching…