What is this Bell Ringer you speak of?

Located in the lobby of our New Evangelization Center is a gold bell mounted on the wall. We, here at Ruah Woods, have the tradition of ringing the bell every time beautiful news or encounters that have reached us. This is what we call a bell ringer. And now we wish to share some of our exciting and blessed ‘bell ringers’ with you!

August 2018 — BELL RINGER!

–Grade 3-5 is in! We have 200 units in our inventory shipping out to classrooms

— 10,000 Copies of On a Mission to Love are printed and bring distributed


-Semester 7 of Called to Be More, our high school Theology of the Body program is online

On a Mission to Love by Debbie Staresinic, is off to print this month


In June, we received word that Grade 3-5 is approved to receive the Imprimatur — with no changes necessary! (A testament to our outstanding author and quality assurance team.) With the official documents in hand we are ready to send final files out for printing. Then send them out to all of our amazing customers and supporters!