Called to be More

High School

More than just a name. The Theology of the Body is more than a treatise on chastity. Because God became man, Christ showed us both our divine purpose and capacity to love through His own life and words. Called to be More brings this authentic teaching alive for high school teens.

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What high school students crave

This curriculum goes far beyond the “dos” and “do nots.” It explores:

  • The dignity of each human person
  • The universal vocation to love
  • The gift of self and the meaning of our existence

Students who are given the “whys” behind Church teaching are much more likely to embrace their relationship with Christ and His Church. They will also be equipped to articulate their faith to family, friends, co-workers, classmates and others who challenge their beliefs.

Our students are made for more

This curriculum seeks to “Go beyond the heart of the tragedy experienced by modern man”

Our teens face cultural despair unparalleled in history

  • 10-20% experience major depression
  • 15% of girls exhibit an eating disorder
  • 28% have experienced bullying at school
  • 90% of young men report using pornography
  • 30-40% use illegal drugs
  • 16% seriously considered suicide

We need not accept this as the new status quo. Theology of the Body provides a better way that is offered to everyone.

This curriculum teaches us all that from the beginning of humanity:

  • We are created as a gift
  • As a gift and help, God gives us an essential purpose to live for others
  • We are called to authentically love God and one another
  • When we align with God and our purpose, we are destined for happiness

“It is Jesus whom you seek when you dream of happiness”

Our schools are made for more

Homework, Quizzes, Tests, Grades. This curriculum isn’t about checking boxes. It is designed to create a lasting effect in the faith life of our students. St. John Paul II teaches, “The Word of God has conversion as its aim”

Of Called to Be More’s pilot students

  • 72% say the lessons strengthened their faith
  • 81% say the lessons strengthened their relationship with God
  • 77% say the lessons strengthened their friendships and relationships
  • 72% say the lessons changed their perspective on life

More than your average TOB curriculum

The hope espoused in Theology of the Body should be an everyday reality.  A small smattering of classes is insufficient to counter the predominant influences our young people encounter daily. “Called to Be More” has been designed to weave seamlessly into the high school classroom.

7-10 lessons per semester

These lessons mesh into common high school theology classes including:

  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Christology
  • The Paschal Mystery
  • Ecclesiology
  • Sacraments
  • Morality
  • New Testament and Old Testament Studies
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Vocation

This material mirrors the USCCB’s Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework. In addition, the semesters released thus far have received an Imprimatur. Those details, along with the curriculum acknowledgements can be reviewed by clicking this link.

More than just a textbook

Who needs another 200 page book that costs $100 each?

Every “Called To Be More” lesson digitally provides numerous tools an educator needs:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Written Lesson
  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities
  • Recommended Video Clips and Movies
  • Original Testimony Video
  • Essay Suggestions
  • Biography of a Saint
  • Quiz and Answer Key

High school curriculum highlights

Works flawlessly online or offline. Versatile complement to any teaching style.

  • USCCB Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework conformity
  • Easy to follow supplemental lessons, teach them at your own rate
  • Assign online material or print out for in-class discussion
  • Grant student access to the entire curriculum or to specific lessons
  • Developed in accord with St. John Paul IIs original landmark teaching
  • Quiz and testing options available to gauge depth of understanding.
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Featured Testimonial

Meet Emily Macke - Author of our Called to be More high school curriculum

Introducing the Called to be More high school curriculum
9th Grade - First Semester

The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

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How does God reveal Himself?

  • 1.1 Introduction to St. John Paul II
  • 1.2 Why does God reveal Himself?
  • 1.3 How does God reveal Himself?
  • 1.4 Genesis 1-2
  • 1.5 Marital imagery of Scripture
  • 1.6 Jesus Christ reveals man to himself
  • 1.7 Prayer as a relationship with God who is Love
9th Grade - Second Semester

Who is Jesus Christ?

  • 2.1 Jesus Christ and revelation
  • 2.2 The Trinity - Communion of Persons
  • 2.3 Receiving life as a gift
  • 2.4 Love
  • 2.5 Sexual difference - visible sign of love
  • 2.6 Femininity
  • 2.7 Masculinity
  • 2.8 Friendship
  • 2.9 Suffering
10th Grade - First Semester

The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)

  • 3.1 Creation
  • 3.2 The original experiences
  • 3.3 The Fall
  • 3.4 Redemption
  • 3.5 Dignity of the human person
  • 3.6 Dignity and disabilities
  • 3.7 Dignity and dating
  • 3.8 Eschatological Man
10th Grade - 2nd Semester

Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church

  • 4.1 The Church as Bride
  • 4.2 Spousal meaning of the body
  • 4.3 Femininity and masculinity
  • 4.4 Vocation as a call to love
  • 4.5 The domestic church
  • 4.6 The Church as the body of Christ
  • 4.7 The person and the new evangelization
11th Grade - First Semester

Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ

  • 5.1 Sacraments and the body
  • 5.2 Baptism
  • 5.3 Eucharist
  • 5.4 Confirmation
  • 5.5 Penance
  • 5.6 Anointing of the sick
  • 5.7 Marriage
  • 5.8 Marriage and divorce
  • 5.9 Holy Orders
  • 5.10 Seeing the world through a sacramental lens
11th Grade - Second Semester

Life in Jesus Christ

  • 6.1 Moral life as a response to God’s gift
  • 6.2 Language of the body
  • 6.3 The dignity of the body (chastity)
  • 6.4 The dignity of fruitfulness
  • 6.5 The dignity of sexual difference
  • 6.6 The dignity of self
  • 6.7 The dignity of relationships (technology)

Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society

  • 7.1 Who is the human person?
  • 7.2 Truth and love
  • 7.3 Structures of sin
  • 7.4 The family as the cell of society
  • 7.5 The dignity of work
  • 7.6 Suffering and death
  • 7.7 Care of creation
  • 7.8 Cultivating a civilization of life and love

Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ

  • 8.1 Being as gift
  • 8.2 Marriage, Part I
  • 8.3 Marriage, Part II
  • 8.4 Fatherhood and motherhood
  • 8.5 Priesthood
  • 8.6 Consecrated life
  • 8.7 Is the single life a vocation?
  • 8.8 Discerning God’s call to love

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