In the Beginning

K - 2nd Classrooms

ROOTED: K-2 Theology of the Body. This is an invitation to the joy of being created in God's image and likeness. The truths of Theology of the Body will foster the child's lifelong dialogue with God; beginning with beautifully illustrated children's literature to pique discovery, the child will experience their unique role in God's plan for humanity. View our 50-minute Introductory Webinar for a curriculum overview.

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Each unit (work of children’s literature and companion Teacher’s Guide plus Unit Lesson Plans) provides a series of lessons centered around a beautifully illustrated story that is read to the class. As the experiences come alive for the children, so do the themes that are foundational to Theology of the Body.

Cultivating a child’s natural wonder at creation and deepening their understanding of God as a loving Father is the foundation for glimpsing one’s greatness and our unique role in the world. The task of inspiring children to make a gift of themselves throughout the whole of their lives is taken up — right here in the classroom!

Why literature based?

Saint John Paul II had a tremendous love for culture. During World War II he met with friends to keep Polish culture and the Catholic faith alive  by reciting plays, poems, and literature. On hiking trips with the youth, he would sing and read stories around the campfire.

Knowing that culture builds relationships, each unit of the curriculum is centered around a work of literature. Stories are powerful. We remember them — we relate to them — we revel in hearing them again and again. Stories have the ability to fire the imagination and proclaim truth.

Through discussion, activities and real life application, each unit offers a journey through the truths of Theology of the Body. Choose a path that brings learning to life in your classroom.

These works of literature are included in your curriculum purchase:

    • Blueberries for Sal
    • An Egg is Quiet
  • GRADE 1
    • The Animal Hedge
    • A Seed is Sleepy
  • GRADE 2
    • St. George and the Dragon
    • The Quiltmaker’s Gift


Theology of the Body Themes

A variety of themes give the teacher or catechist great freedom in choosing a path that will most engage and guide young minds. Each theme is carefully broken down for you in easy to follow Lesson Stages that invite, stir associations, invite expression and ways of living the learning. Each theme could be covered in one to two weeks and themes can be revisited through the year from the same story to strengthen the foundation of this beautiful learning.

Kindergarten: Creation is a Gift; Original Solitude; Human Work; Order, Design & Meaning; Generosity & Fruitfulness; Beauty.

First Grade: Vocation; Virtue and Freedom; Creation is a Gift; Beauty; Human Work; Generosity & Fruitfulness; Original Solitude.

Second Grade: Original Solitude, Original Unity, Gift of Self and True Happiness; The Body Reveals the Person; Conscience; Creation is a Gift; Freedom & Happiness.

A generous reading list in each Teacher’s Guide gives teachers a rich landscape to keep these themes and discussions alive all year long.

In the Beginning Curriculum Highlights

The teacher is a privileged witness to each child's relationship with God.

  • Encounter truth, beauty and goodness
  • Engage minds and hearts through discussion
  • Foster discovery and creativity
  • Learn through the senses
  • Build the family with Parent Communications
  • Cross-curricular activities to unify the curriculum
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"Having attended Catholic schools from second grade through high school, I never encountered a religion class curriculum as relevant to the life of a student as this.  Called to be More will help students and teachers alike to recognize that St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is more than just a series of chastity talks, but an intimate study of the human person who was made by Love for love: When students begin to learn and internalize that their identity does not come from their gender, grades or athletic ability, but comes from being made in the image and likeness of God, they’ll begin to ask for themselves where they belong in God’s plan for the world.  And then they’ll change the world."

Anna Mitchell
Producer and Co-host of the Son Rise Morning Show Sacred Heart Radio / EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network

"High School religion teachers are tasked with the awesome and challenging call to teach the Person of Jesus Christ. As a freshman religion teacher, I hope to teach the truths of the faith in such a way that my students begin to cultivate and grow in a sense of wonder of the amazing love God has for all of humanity and for them specifically. This supplemental Theology of the Body curriculum, which seeks to do just that by addressing "the heart of the tragedy experienced by modern man," will be an excellent complementary resource to the USCCB's curriculum framework. I am thrilled to utilize the "Called to Be More" supplements in the classroom as it will inspire a more holistic approach to teaching the beauty and fullness of the faith."

Emily Haley
Religion Teacher at St. Henry District High School in Erlanger, KY