The Human Heart

3rd - 5th Classrooms

REVEALED: Grade 3-5 Theology of the Body Curriculum. This is an invitation to live the truth. Fundamental truths of Theology of the Body are not only expressed in greater detail but are encouraged to take seed in the heart and begin a growth in a life of holiness through action. Drawing from engaging literature to foster discovery, the children will deepen their relationship with the living God, to embrace and exercise their unique gift as a child of God and temple of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture study incorporates your classroom bible, inviting the children to a fundamental understanding of God's plan, as revealed in mankind's original experiences. The salvation history timeline provided fosters an appreciation of our past, present and future —  the children gain a meaningful perspective on an ongoing, participatory relationship with God.

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Lesson Stages


Expression Activites


Path to Holiness

The Journey to Self-Mastery Takes Root

Each unit provides a series of lessons centered around a beautiful work of literature that is read to the class. As the stories come alive for the children, so do the themes that are foundational to Theology of the Body. Our Grade 3-5 Into the Heart materials include Holy Scripture as the Word of God to be explored and treasured.

Cultivating a child’s natural wonder at creation and deepening their understanding of God as a loving Father is the foundation for glimpsing one’s greatness and our unique role in the world. The task of inspiring children to make a gift of themselves throughout the whole of their lives is taken up — right here in the classroom.

Why literature based?

Saint John Paul II had a tremendous love for culture. During World War II he met with friends to keep Polish culture and the Catholic faith alive  by reciting plays, poems, and literature. On hiking trips with the youth, he would sing and read stories around the campfire.

Knowing that culture builds relationships, each unit of the curriculum is centered around a work of literature. Stories are powerful. We remember them — we relate to them — we revel in hearing them again and again. Stories have the ability to fire the imagination and proclaim truth, and resonate in our hearts.Jesus, the ultimate teacher, often used stories or parables to impart his loving teachings and his Father’s will.

Through discussion, activities and real life application, each unit offers a journey through the truths of Theology of the Body. Nine stand-alone themes may be presented in nine classroom times throughout the year.

Through discussion, activities and real life application, each unit offers a journey through the truths of Theology of the Body. Choose a path that brings learning to life in your classroom.

These works of literature are included in your curriculum purchase:

  • GRADE 3
    • Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
  • GRADE 4
    • Peppe the Lamplighter
  • GRADE 5
    • D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths

Due to our agreement with these storybook publishers, we cannot sell the teacher’s guides separately from these classic works of literature.

Lesson Stages

Every lesson in the REVEALED: K-5 Theology of the Body Curriculum is designed for teachers to take the students through five lesson stages.

PRAYER. Each lesson begins with prayer. St John Paul II reminds teachers that their primary task is to put their students “not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy with Christ.”

TEACHER RESOURCE PAGE. Theology of the Body is a relatively new work; therefore, some teachers may be unfamiliar with its contents and major themes. Teacher Resource Pages precede each theme with a thorough  overview of that specific TOB emphasis.

GUIDED LEARNING QUESTIONS. Every lesson includes Guided Learning Questions to aid the teacher as they dialogue with their students and gently guide them to discover truths about the human person, God and all of creation.

ACTIVITIES. Accompanying activities and worksheets provide a tangible and experiential way to draw students into a memorable experience of divine truth.

WRAP UP. This element is a brief closing of the lesson that summarizes they key points of the theme via either recall questions, reflective statements or prayer.

TOB TIDBITS. Theology of the Body tidbits are located at the bottom of every activity page and worksheet.These bite-sized chunks of TOB are provided as a way for parents to learn TOB right along with their child and even continue reinforcing the lesson at home.

The Human Heart Curriculum Highlights

The teacher as a privileged witness to each child's relationship with God

  • Encounter truth, beauty and goodness
  • Engage minds and hearts through discussion
  • Foster discovery and creativity
  • Learn through the senses
  • Build the family with parent communications
  • Cross-curricular activities to unify the curriculum
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