The Resurrection

6th - 8th Grade Students

This three-year cycle builds on the foundation of earlier grades, and prepares the student for concepts and themes presented in the high school curricula. Students are invited to come to a deeper understanding of how Christ fully reveals man to himself, and makes his calling clear (Gaudium et Spes, 22). Included in this cycle is a discovery of several Theology of the Body themes: the fundamental identity and dignity of the human person as a unique creation; the “original experiences”; the “language of the body”; an authentic view of human freedom; vocation/mission; suffering and gift; and what it means to be redeemed and called to greatness. In keeping with John Paul II’s understanding of the body, the material will be presented in creative, embodied, and interactive ways, to assist the student in receiving this beautiful message of their identity as sons and daughters of God.

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In the past,  as an onsite gathering space, we diligently worked with adolescents through in-class TOB education programs, retreats, and ongoing formation groups at Ruah Woods. The effect was palpable. Of the teens who have experienced Theology of the Body here…

  • 60% are attending bona fide Catholic colleges
  • 8% are pursuing jobs in Catholic schools (as teachers or DREs)
  • 6% are actively discerning a religious vocation in seminary

This vast body of experience and our love for Christ, the Catholic Church and the beautiful teaching of Pope St. John Paul II in Theology of the Body is coalescing into a curriculum that will deftly bridge or literature-based foundation with our masterful high school online experience. Be among the boldly Catholic schools to be bringing this blessed teaching alive throughout the Middle School years. Order your ROOTED: 6-8 Theology of the Body books now.

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