TOB for Catechists Grade 5


Literature-based lessons for Catechists to introduce Theology of the Body to Fifth Graders. Set includes D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths and Catechist’s Companion as part of the ROOTED: Theology of the Body K-12 Curriculum.

This unique 5-lesson package for Catechists is literature-based, using a richly illustrated story to begin delving deeper into the foundational concepts of Theology of the Body – what it means to be human, how to live as a gift to others, what it means to have heaven as our ultimate destiny. We offer a Catechist’s Companion to introduce prayer, the story, discussion questions, and many hands-on activities and worksheets to embody this discovery for young learners. As part of the Grade 3-5 experience, we give students a view into the Bible that you use at home as a Catechist, to establish the tradition of learning personal inspiration from the Word of God.

The Grade 5 package includes D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths and corresponding Catechist’s Companion, as well as rich Original Nakedness (innocence) timeline worksheets to explore God’s word in the Bible. There are five lessons to explore with your children including themes like Creation is a Gift, Gift-of-Self, and timeline worksheets that reveal Original Nakedness (innocence), Historical Man, and Eschatological Man. Exploring our rich heritage of truth and love contained in the Bible will begin the child on a journey of joy and discovery that will never end. Grades 3 through 5 together offer an introduction to the three “original experiences” (Original Solitude, Original Unity, Original Nakedness) that Adam and Eve and all of us encounter as human persons. The knowledge of self-as-gift will begin to come alive!

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