REVEALED K-5 Standards 2nd Edition



Using & including the same works of literature as 1st Edition ROOTED K-5, our REVEALED Standards 2nd Edition offers:


  • One Spiral Bound Teacher’s Guide per Grade with When to Teach Suggestions

  • Uniform Lesson Structure with Fruitful Discussion Questions & Effective, Enjoyable, Feasible Activities

  • Consistency of 9 Scripted Lessons Addressing Both Christian Anthropology & Family Life Standards for Catholic Education

  • Beautiful, Fine Artwork, Prayers & Saint Connections

  • Parent Letter in English & Spanish plus Additional Parent Prompts to Continue the TOB Learning at Home

  • Teacher Resource Pages for Thorough Theme Explanations

  • Creating a TOB Culture in the Classroom Phrases & Ideas

  • Lesson Extensions Offering Additional Literature with TOB Themes

  • Filled with Pro-Life, Pro-Family & Pro-Marriage Lessons







*non-consumable, includes storybook(s)
For Your Junior High & Older Students, our ROOTED Grades 6-8 & Called to be More High School Curriculum are excellent Theology of the Body Curriculum sources for any Catholic School.