Phew! Just wrapped up a month of lots of travel, and hosting visitors from near and far. This time of year is always an exciting time for us at Ruah Woods Press. This is mostly because we are meeting teachers and training those who are on the front lines of education. We do this because teachers are a key to reaching young students — and making saints!

Our Goal with Training

We recognize that Theology of the Body (TOB) is a new concept in most elementary schools. Though it has been around for years, it is just recently been recognized as important to teach as early as kindergarten. Many teachers are met with a conundrum, how in the world to make this happen?

Whether you have no experience with TOB or you have a doctorate in theology, there are challenges in presenting this beautiful mystery. Our hope is to inspire educators with this teaching — and transform hearts, so they may give this gift to their students as well. Through our teacher training, we educate on TOB as well as hope to provide practical ways to make it come alive in to the classroom — utilizing the beautiful ROOTED curriculum.

Far and Wide

All of this said, this year we have been extremely blessed to have been invited to many places to train teachers. These cities include Omaha, Milwaukee, Richmond, Lake Charles, Chicago and Phoenix.

In our local training, we welcomed teachers and ministry leaders from around the country as well. Some were from Seattle, Chicago, Louisville, Cleveland, Fort Wayne, and many more — even Washington state! Though they came to learn about TOB, we learned from them as well and are always energized by their passion.

During the week of training, we try our best to make everyone feel welcomed and to experience authentic love. We were able to receive Jesus every day of the week on top of hearing from fantastic speakers. For example, Emily Macke, the author of our high school Called to Be More curriculum and many other special guests. Along with the daily training, we tried showing those who wanted to participate the city of Cincinnati and the beautiful Catholic culture here.

We thank you all who have joined us here at our Ruah Woods campus and those who have also hosted us in their hometowns. We also thank you for all the support given and ask for continued prayers for our ministry.

If you are interested in future training or bringing us to your school, please call us at 513-407-8672 or visit the training link on our website.