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Bring Theology of the Body to life in your school—strengthen your Catholic identity.

Your school has a beautiful, holy mission: You’re inspiring your students to become who God made them to be. For years, being a TOB Campus has meant that students and teachers across the nation have access to fun, effective, and thoughtful faith formation. Now, we’re updating our beloved program. Join the waitlist now to enjoy the all-new TOB Campus program, coming Fall 2022. 

A rear view of a multi-ethnic group of elementary age girl friends are standing together with their arms around each other.

As a TOB Campus, you’ll enjoy:

  • Monthly formation and prayer sessions with our dedicated staff
  • Beautiful, inspiring materials for ongoing teacher education
  • Resources for in-depth discussions, activities, and faith practices
  • Being a part of a dynamic TOB Campus community
  • Use of TOB Campus logos and materials to show the world who you are
  • Quarterly resources, such as laminated saint reflections, mugs, pens, and booklets
  • The ability to track your school’s growth with the Fruits of the Spirit Report

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TOB Campus: Monthly Staff Formation

Once a month, experience a centering staff training led by your TOB Campus ambassador. With a unique video produced by Ruah Woods Press, small discussions, and time for guided prayer, these staff formation events will help your staff feel ready to meet real-world challenges with clarity and compassion. 

In the first year of the TOB Campus experience, your team will review such topics as: 

Intro to John Paul II

Genesis 1-2

Jesus Christ Reveals Man to Himself


Original Experiences

The Fall

Historical Man

Eschatological Man


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Teacher and students in classroom

“I believe [being a] TOB Campus allowed the students to see and realize in much greater depth that our bodies, minds, and hearts are made for love, and all this comes through God. The students, through scripture, picture books, and fun activities, were much more in tune with the truth that we are made in God’s image. Yet, best of all was the application of this throughout discussions about our class novels and the treatment of each other. It is the most valuable program we can give our most valuable asset: the children. I saw a real difference it made with my students, and their application rekindled my faith. It is a genuine, real, human, and needed program.”

5th grade teacher
a TOB campus school

“TOB had a huge impact on my first graders this year! I constantly overheard compliments to one another and even given to me. My class would make hundreds of little notes for ALL of the first graders that read “You are a gift from God” or “You are loved.” I truly believe that TOB has changed the environment of our school. So excited about becoming a TOB Campus!”

1st grade teacher
a TOB Campus school

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What it means to be a TOB Campus

By becoming a TOB Campus, you’re committing to living and teaching the truth with clarity and compassion. Our schools show up for their students and the world by practicing: 

  • PRAYER. We help every student and staff member strengthen their relationship with God.
  • SERVICE. As a grateful response to God’s love for us all, we prioritize serving our community’s needs. 
  • DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON.  We uphold the intrinsic dignity of every human person.
  • UNIQUENESS.  We affirm every person by calling and praying for one another by name.
  • EDUCATION.  We believe education is first a cultivation of awe and wonder at the gift of God’s creation.
  • VOCATION.  We help our students discern their unique vocation to love and lead.
  • DISCIPLINE.  Our students, faculty and staff choose to live in line with their purpose.
  • ENVIRONMENT.  We strive to preserve the goodness and beauty of creation.
  • AUTHENTIC MASCULINITY & FEMININITY. We cultivate this treasure in each other.